Sarah's Story

Sarah Parvin looked like any other kid, but all who knew her knew there was something special about her. Sarah was willing to try anything once, and she saw the world as an adventure waiting to happen. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer when she was just 11 years old. Unlike many other people who would have heard this news and feared the worst, she took the news with her typical positive outlook. Of course she was scared, but she didn’t let it run her life. Sarah decided to continue to live her life looking forward to each day, and not let cancer define her. Her courage and her desire to live and love those around her as if there were no limits to her days were what defined her.

"Live your life with arms wide open, don’t take yourself too seriously, never walk when you can dance, make a difference, each new day is a gift, and consider yourself lucky!”

After months of remission, her cancer aggressively returned and she fought it for the next six weeks until it ran its course. She passed away one month beyond her 12th birthday, surrounded by family and friends. In our grief, we held on to Sarah’s strength and courage because we knew that we could not let her leave this world without a way to keep her “bright light” shining. In her words, “Please don’t cry, I am not unfortunate, I am lucky.”

Although Sarah is no longer with us, it is her spirit that keeps us and the many others who know her story going. She has inspired hundreds, if not thousands of people to embrace life, work towards a better tomorrow, use their voice, and effect a positive change on their community.

“Please don’t cry. I am not unfortunate, I am lucky.”

- Sarah A. Parvin 4-14-2006

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