Our Impact

We carry Sarah’s spirit with us into everything we do to improve the outcome of a cancer diagnosis.

We are, at our core, a family. We put a great deal of our proceeds into research because we truly believe that our dedicated research doctors will change the face of cancer in our lifetime. We want to see the faces of the people we help, whether it be at Hope Lodge, preparing meals and visiting with the residents and caregivers, or sending families on a day away from the strain of tubes, and exams, and hospitals.

The Sarah Parvin Foundation specifically created, works with, or works for seven different events or programs. Each of these events or programs helps people who are affected with the difficulty of not only Ovarian Cancer, but many others, in various stages in their journey with cancer. There are two events and one program that are created by and sponsored by The Sarah Parvin Foundation.

In the past ten years, the Sarah Parvin Foundation has raised over $350,000 that has gone directly into cancer research through Jefferson University Hospital, support for AstraZeneca Hope Lodge, and programs to help offset the costs for families dealing with cancer.

The largest way in which the Sarah Parvin Foundation has affected those who are fighting their battle against Ovarian Cancer is in partnership with Jefferson University Hospital and their team of research doctors. Jonathan Brody, PhD, a director of the surgical research division at Jefferson, heard Sarah’s story (Sarah lost her battle with Ovarian cancer 1 month after her 12th birthday) and contacted the family. Dr. Brody’s research is focused on developing new approaches to fighting cancer. The funds raised by the Sarah Parvin Foundation are leading to promising findings and to genuine progress in the fight to cure this disease.

We hesitate to set specific monetary goals for the foundation since it has always exceeded our expectations. We focus on hope for the future and making a difference.

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