The Sarah Parvin Foundation was created to help people who are struggling through this journey gain the courage and strength needed to help overcome it. The mission of the Sarah Parvin Foundation is to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families in the spirit that Sarah lived through events that are mostly created by and for children. We strive to empower children of all ages to use their innate strength and courage to make their own unique impact on their lives, the lives of others, and their own community. It is our passion to provide these families with support and encouragement throughout their journey.

As a foundation we strive to help others appreciate the small things and think like a child and allow the idea of just making things happen become real. We strive to allow people to be able to think, feel, and live a little bit more stress-free. We want everyone to be able to harness the energy of children and be able to just get out in the world, look at it as something new and wonderful, and make things happen for themselves, their family, friends, or even their community.

Since 2008, the Sarah Parvin Foundation has taken Sarah’s message of courage, strength, and hope for some sort of a cure and spread it wide and far. It was decided that if she could face death in the way that she did, then the least that we could do was to have the courage to fight in her name and honor to beat the disease that took her from us. The Sarah Parvin Foundation has done everything in it’s power to either help a particular person who is suffering from the ailments of Ovarian cancer or to help thousands of people try to survive this particular disease. Although the Foundation itself might only have two main events a year, there are many people, mostly children, who create and participate in many events that help support The Sarah Parvin Foundation and the people that it helps. Most of these boys and girls did not even know Sarah when she was alive, but they know her through her spirit and the feeling that her events leave them with.

The Sarah Parvin Foundation prides itself with allowing children to learn to help others in a fun and successful way. All of our events and donations started from a small idea from a child and have all grown into events that helped us to donate over $200,000 to places like Hope Lodge, Jefferson University Hospital, Look Good…Feel Better, and more in the past few years since our inception.

The Sarah Parvin Foundation specifically created, works with, or works for seven different events or programs. Each of these events or programs helps people who are affected with the difficulty of not only Ovarian Cancer, but many others, in various stages in their journey with cancer. There are two events and one program that are created by and sponsored by The Sarah Parvin Foundation. Other than these three outlets, there are other ways in which the Foundation donates their earnings.