The most significant way in which the Sarah Parvin Foundation has affected those who are fighting their battle against Ovarian Cancer is in partnership with Jefferson University Hospital.  Dr. Johnathon Brody, along with his dedicated team of research scientists, are making significant strides in their search for better and more effective therapies to fight Ovarian Cancer. Through the support of the community and our tireless volunteers, the Sarah Parvin Foundation has been able to donate in excess of $300,000 to the Sarah Parvin Fund for Ovarian Cancer Research within Jefferson University Hospital.

When asked about what the foundation has done specifically for his research, Dr. Johnathon Brody said, “this grant allowed us to begin a line of work that is not being explored in ovarian cancer: a novel drug resistance mechanism that we hope we can break, that will kill this safety net ovarian cancer cells have selected for. Further, we have started to develop a new mouse model of ovarian cancer that could be used to test new therapies to treat this disease. These funds will also help bridge our collaboration with a scientist who has developed new therapies for ovarian cancer, Dr. Janet Sawicki. Thank you to all of my friends at the Sarah Parvin Foundation for supporting this work.” Additionally, Lara Allan Goldstein, Director of Development for Surgery, Jefferson Foundation, and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital also had this to say about the Sarah Parvin foundation, “We have been privileged and honored to get to know the passionate, inspiring team at the Sarah Parvin Foundation. We are so very grateful for their generous support and ongoing partnership in memory of a very special person. The Sarah Parvin Foundation family is part of our Jefferson family.”