Before you were conceived I wanted you
Before you were born I loved you
Before you were here an hour I would die for you
This is the miracle of life.

AUDRE LORDE: When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.

Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.

And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

Because I have loved life, I shall have no sorrow to die.

If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.

Life is short and we have never too much time for gladdening the hearts of those who are traveling the dark journey with us. Oh be swift to love, make haste to be kind.

Is it so small a thing
To have enjoyed the sun,
To have lived light in the spring,
To have loved, to have thought, to have done…

Life is the flower for which love is the honey.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

Walking in the dark with a friend is better than walking in the light alone.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass,
Its about learning to dance in the rain.

To get to the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain.



The following quotes have been written by people most of which are the family and friends of Sarah in memory of Sarah. If you would like to add your own thoughts, please feel free to contact us and we will add it onto the page.

An unknown author said “sister by chance friends by choice”. Sarah wasn’t only my sister she was my best friends and even tho we fought and got on each others nerves we still loved each other like you wouldn’t believe. She was always there for me through everything. Sarah was my shoulder to cry on. She taught me so many things. She taught me how to stick up for myself and my friends, not to take crap from people, to be wild and cray, and to let go sometimes. The most important thing she taught me was how to live, laugh, and love. Life isn’t about how long you live it, it is about how full you lived it. Sarah Parvin proves that. In the short 12 years she spent on this earth she lived life to the fullest and she probably did more thing and lived life fuller then a normal person. She had that charm. She was beautiful. Her smile lit up rooms. Her amazing face turned heads. She was able to help everyone she touched and she could change their life. Sarah Parvin will never be forgotten for those reasons. She will always be watching over me. She gives me the courage to wake up every morning. I don’t know what i would have done if I had never met Sarah Alexandra Joan Parvin.
~Maddie Parvin


That Smile, it never seemed to leave her face. It was an outward symbol of the spark that was the essence of Sarah Alexandra Parvin. To say that she was merely special would be an understatement. She had so many qualities that endeared her to people. She was exceptionally bright and succeeded at whatever she attempted. She was graceful and athletic. To those who watched her, it was evident how much she loved to dance. She put her heart out there every time the music played for her. She brought such a level of energy to every aspect of her life. I can only believe that since God knew his plan for Sarah, he gave her the best he had to give to ensure that her brief life here on earth left it’s very unique mark. And what a mark it was. She left great memories for those who had the privilege to know her. She was a kind and loyal friend, therefore had many of her own. She knew how to love and how to give it freely, therefore was surrounded by those who loved her in return. I had the great blessing of being Sarah’s aunt and being one of those people who were well loved by her and loved her so in return. One of the things I loved best about Sarah was her wonderful sense of humor and that she was the consummate Goofball! Looking back, tears still come remembering how she made me laugh till my sides hurt. She never wanted to see anyone unhappy, so you could always count on her to do something silly until you had no choice but to laugh. It never occurred to her to worry about what other people thought about her antics. She was comfortable with who she was and that drew people to her. I am personally thrilled that Sarah touched so many lives in her abbreviated one. Reliving the many stories and memories of Sarah keeps her strong and vibrant and constant. We all hope and pray that when we leave this earth, we leave behind something worthwhile. Sarah left behind a legacy of strength and hope. She lived her life with courage and faced her death with the same courage. For those who knew Sarah, she wouldn’t want you to remember that she died, but that she lived!
~ Aunt Sherbly


An unknown author said, “Enjoy the little things in life for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things”. Every little thing that angel of ours did here on earth is a big thing today. The way she would smile and light up a room. She would talk your ear off about the latest Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears scandal. How else would I have known that Brittney was going to leave Kevin, very important stuff. Sarah had and amazing spirit that kept everyone going everyday. At my going away party my angel looked at me and said “I feel safer in my country knowing that you are defending it”. Everyday in those long but short six weeks I thought of that. When I wanted to give up I remembered those inspiring words. If my little girl can battle that cancer and win I can push Texas till my arms fall off. When Sarah and I were younger we played together, we laughed together, even then she kicked my butt in games. We would pretend that we were the models in the Herbal Essence commercials, just so I could get her to wash her hair. She had some hair. We shared an amazing life as cousins, as sisters, as friends. That will continue everyday as she sits on my shoulder and watches over me. I thank her for sharing her dad with me to watch and guide me, her mom as a best friend and her sister as a little sis to me. She always was generous. She blessed us with new members of our family the Z’s. She gave us the gift of dance, that every time she moved it brought a tear to your eye. Everyone always said that you look like Emily, but have my attitude and I couldn’t be more proud. Even in heaven you watch out for the boys, they’re still dangerous. They will have to get through Pappy though. Good Luck with that one. You brightened everyone’s world each and every day with your rays of sunshine and hope. I read somewhere ”We all die. The goal is not to live forever; the goal is to create something that will.” Sarah did just that. Although she did not live forever she created a legacy that will. She in her short 12 years has left a long lasting impression in all our lives. We will always have those memories that last us a lifetime. You’ve seen her dance because she danced footprints on your heart. As I take the strength Sarah has given me to say good bye, I will always remember what Rose Kennedy said, “Life isn’t a matter of milestones but of moments.” You have given me a lifetime full of moments… My baby girl, my mini me I say good bye. I love you with every ounce in me. Watch over me as I have watched over you.
~ Sr. Airmen Erin Birchler (Sarah’s Cousin)


Heaven is blessed with Sarah’s presence. She brought laughter and love to those who knew her. Thank you Sarah for all that you gave us. We will always love you.
~ Aunt Joyce


Sarah was my best friend. When you saw one of us, the other couldn’t be far behind. That’s just the way we were. She changed my life in ways I can’t even explain. She taught me that you shouldn’t care what people think about you and to just get up every morning and seize the day. Without her I never would have danced. She gave me experiences that no other person could have experienced. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about her. She taught me to laugh, sing, live, and be crazy and daring. She had the strength of no other and lived everyday to her last. Everyday her smile lit up the room, when people were sad. I will never forget the times that I was sad, or hurt, and Sarah would be right there to hold my hand and tell me it was okay. She was there for me when ever I needed her, and I was there for her through her toughest times. She made the best out of her trips to the hospital by singing, or dancing in the parking lot. Or when an electric wheelchair ripped off my toenail, she was there in front of me trying to do a lame magic trick to make me feel better. Everyday was an adventure with Sarah; as she came up with games when we were bored that no one would ever, ever think of. Oh the competitions we would have; who could run faster, hold their breath longer, down a banana faster. All of these memories will follow me wherever I go in life because not only did she leave footprints on my heart, she was the other half of it. No matter how old I get there will always be something missing, until someday we will be together again. I love you Sarah, wait for me.
~ Anya Zdanowicz


In the short time that she knew you as her best friend, you blessed her with gifts that will last her a lifetime. She will carry a piece of your soul within her heart, all the days of her life. There would be no dance within her, if you had not danced on her heart. There would have been no magic sparkle in her eyes, if you had not shined upon her with those amazing eyes of yours. You taught her to share the laughter when no one was laughing. You taught her to be strong when those around her were weak. You taught her to stand steadfast and speak out when someone was being wronged. Your example of strength and courage has changed my daughters life forever. You gave to her, virtues and values that some people never have the chance to learn in a lifetime. You were so amazing with what you gave her in your short time on earth as her best friend. There will never be an ending to the B.F.F. (Best Friends Forever) that you promised one another. There will never be a day that goes by that she cannot reach within herself and find a piece of that amazing spirit that was a part of you. Though we do not understand why God needed you more in his garden in heaven…. When we meet again we will understand why “the rest is still unwritten” Loving you and missing you.
~ Miss Laura


Sarah accomplished more in the 12 years of her life than most people can do in 100. She is my every day inspiration and source of my courage and understanding of life. Without her in my life I would be a drastically person in every way imaginable. She was and still is in memory, a little bit of Heaven on Earth.
~ Krista Serianni
Sarah was a fabulous friend. She touched me in so many ways and helped me to get through so many things. Sarah was always there for me, to help me, and to comfort me. She was so outgoing and wasn’t EVER afraid to speak her mind. Sarah taught me how to be myself and that it is OK to let loose and be crazy sometimes. I was a very quiet and shy person before I met Sarah, but she changed that. Sarah also taught me to always stand for what I believe in and how to be brave. Most importantly she taught me to not be afraid of death. Sarah fought her cancer like she would anything else; with strength, courage and dignity. There has to be some reason God took her, but I know she is watching down on us all, still helping us get through life. I am very privileged to have been Sarah’s friend for so long and to have shared with her, all the memories we had together. Life here on earth will be tough from now on, but I know Sarah will be helping us one step at a time. Sarah will always be remembered in my heart and I will always love her.

~ Stacey Nagele


Sarah can not be defined in a word, but if I were to pick one, it would be “amazing”. Sarah is an amazing testimony to what a beautiful family of love and faith you are…and she will be so very missed. We know it may not seem like much this minute but please know how very much she taught all whom she touched. Thank you for the gift of her life touching ours, and please know we are all here for you… praying for your peace and for her happiness in heaven. I realize it in not a consolation, but I really feel certain that God loved Sarah so much that he needed her to come home. You took such wonderful care of her, and it showed in her unceasing smile. I know God will keep her in his garden of beautiful flowers always…
~ Karen Quinn

Although I didn’t know Sarah personally, she attended school with my son sin Kindergarten and they were also in the school band together. After attending the services for Sarah, it was clear what an amazing girl Sarah was and how she touched so many lives in so many ways. What a brave girl she was. What she accomplished in her your life is truly amazing to me. God has a plan for Sarah and I’m sure she will be welcomed and appreciated in heaven as she was on earth.
~ A Friend

I only knew Sarah for a little while and I am having trouble. We were cheerleaders together and Sarah was always smiling. She was such a happy person who always looked on the bright side of things. She is the inspiration for the rest of my life. Rest in peace Sarah Parvin
~ A Fellow Cheerleader

I had the opportunity to meet Sarah while working on Alex’s Lemonade Stand. This short meeting led me to tell many friends and family members about this amazing little girl I met and how we could all take some pointers from her.
~ A Friend

Sarah was a beautiful child who brought so much joy to those who had the opportunity to know her. I cannot pretend to know the pain you feel. Bit I too feel pain for the loss of Sarah. She will forever be in my memory as a bright, energetic, talented, beautiful little girl, who was taken away too soon. Remember, it is not for us to understand. Just trust God and be thankful that he gave her to us even for a short time.
~ A Friend

Your daughter was the most amazing girl I had the opportunity to meet. She was a beautiful dancer, always came in with a smile, always strived to do her best, and never let anything bring her down. Sarah will always been remembered and greatly missed at Miss Cindy’s.
~ Sarah’s Dance Teacher

Sarah was a sweet girl. When I saw her in the halls at school, she would always say hi! I really loved the smile she had on her face. She was full of excitement and laughter all the time. She was great at everything especially soccer and being a great person. Sarah we love you.
~ A Friend


Sarah was very happy and cheerful all the time. I would see her in Milford day after day with a frown not to be shown and a smile constantly lighting up the hallways. She has a very caring family that is very dear to her and that will never forget her. She was very generous to others. We will miss you Sarah always and forever.
~ A Friend


I was on the cheer leading team with Sarah and I remember when she was so nervous to go into a mount. But she went for it! And she was always so exited doing that. I was her base most of the time and she trusted me. I will always remember her as a bright and happy person! Her smile brightened up the room. I and many others will miss her dearly. But I know I’ll see her again someday.
~ A Fellow Cheerleader


Sarah was such an amazing girl. I couldn’t compare her to another friend. I knew Sarah from my school. She always seemed to light everything up in 6th grade. She was a great singer in the chorus and a great cheerleader. She always seemed to have so much fun at the dances. I remember the first time I met her at the dance, we had so much fun. I wish I could have had a chance to say goodbye to her and see her for the last time. I will always remember Sarah.
~ A Friend


Sarah was such a great person. She could always make me laugh. And I think today how could such a great person get her life taken away by such a horrible disease. But then you have to think God always has a reason. I guess he was ready for Sarah. Right now she is up in heaven doing what she does best…performing. I can picture her on the clouds singing and dancing. I miss you so much Sarah. You will never be forgotten.
~ A Friend


We have been blessed to have Sarah as a member of our Soccer Club and this community. Although I didn’t know her personally, to hear her remembered so fondly in Mass gives us strength. God Bless your family and thanks for bringing Sarah into this world and making it a little better.
~ A Friend
Sarah has bee a source of hope, inspiration and strength for me since I had heard of her. I pray the beautiful thoughts of Sarah will bring peace into the hearts of Sarah’s family members and friends who adore her.
~ Surviving Small Cell Ovarian Cancer Victim
Sarah was such a happy person. Me and Sarah were on the same cheer leading squad and she always wanted to try new things…I remember the first time we put her up in a stunt, she was so excited and her eyes lit up. I hardly remember a time that I saw Sarah and she wasn’t smiling or laughing and she had a beautiful smile. Sarah was always positive, always agreeable, always patient. I’m going to miss seeing Sarah everyday. School and cheer practices won’t feel complete without her. It doesn’t seem fair that such and amazing person was taken from us so quickly, but God always has a reason. Rest in Peace Sarah, we will never forget you!
~ A Fellow Cheerleader
Your presence in our lives was like a rainbow after the rain. Rest now in peace knowing you will be forever missed.
~ A Friend
We are all forever changed for having been a part of your life.
~ A Friend
There will never be anyone like Sarah. She was just SARAH!!!!
~ A Friend
Sarah is the brightest star in the sky, just as she was here with us.
~ A Friend
She was everything a good person could be, I guess god just wanted her back. She’s still shining up there, If you look hard enough you can see her dancing from star to precious star.
~ Katie S.
An angel has been called home. Sarah was an amazing person who brought love and laughter to everyone who knew her. My daughter who was only 4 when Sarah died has vivid memories of her. That’s how much she impacted people’s lives. Out of the blue Jazmin will just start talking about her and telling me how much she misses her. We miss you and love you baby girl!!!! You are never forgotten and stay in our hearts forever!
~ Angela Fuentes
Sarah was like the energizer bunny… it just baffled you at how such a little thing can contain sooooo much energy! She was smart, beautiful, athletic, overall a great person and friend. I think the angels were jealous of her, it helps me understand why she had to leave so soon. She touched so many people’s lives in 12 years that would take others a lifetime to accomplish. I feel so honored and blessed to even just say that i had the privilege of knowing her. It was short, shorter than anyone could’ve wanted, but then again if it were up to us, she would live forever. And i think we did get a little say in it after all, because she will live forever in our hearts… and that counts for more than i could ever possibly write.
~ one of her many friends
Sarah was an amazing person! She was a great friend. Even if you were having a a terrible day, she could always make you laugh and smile. She, herself was always smiling . I don’t think I will ever meet a person like Sarah. She was so full of life and loved life. She always taught me to be myself. The one thing that she told me that I will never forget is ” Who you are, is not up to them.” She taught me that I should always be myself and not change for anyone. Sarah will always stay in my heart and I will always love her.
~ Brittany
Sarah was an indescribable person. ever since the 1st time I met her in computer class in 6th grade she has inspired me. No matter when you would see her she always had a smile on her face. Sarah was also on my cheer squad for school and never gave up we would do our routine 100 times and she would want 2 do it a million times more. I haven’t known Sarah long but that is ok because she changed the way that i live my life. Every time that i ask my self why did she have to go i then remember “only the good die young.” I miss you soo much Sarah and you will always be in my heart.
~ a friend
There are many different emotions involved with losing someone, but they are all usually very much normal. There will be days that it takes every bit of strength for you to carry on. Some days you will be filled with rage and anger at this cruel and heartless world that took that special someone away. There will be plenty of days simply filled with tears and missing. But all of this is normal. Rest assured, we all go through this sometime in our life. Hope and faith is what will keep us going until we all meet again someday.
~a friend
It ain’t fair you died too young, like a story that had just begun, but death tore the pages all away. God knows how I miss you,and all that I’ve been through just knowing that I can’t see your face. Sometimes I wonder who you’d be today we miss you soooo much Sarah Parvin. Just know that ill meet you up there some day
~a friend
God rest her soul
It wasn’t your time, you were way too young, you died before your life had begun. Sometimes I wonder who you would be, sometimes I wonder, are you watching over me? Sometimes I wonder what you would do, what would you do if your life wasn’t through. I think the world got darker the day you left us, things aren’t the same, the world’s not what it was. But the sky above is is one star brighter, the earth around us is one sunbeam lighter, we’ll never forget you our little fighter. We can’t win all the battles, we just wish you had one your last one. We love you Sarah. I know you’ll wait for me.
~a face in the crowd
I am Rachel and I will be playing in the soccer tournament. I am very sorry for the family and friends of Sarah! Just remember she is right next to you for the rest of your lives.
I have known Sarah ever since elementary school, she was also on my soccer team. It was definitely not her time to leave us, but god always has his reasons. I guess God just thought it was time for Sarah to go home. Even though me and Sarah weren’t ” best friends ” she was still made everyone’s day, even if they were in the worst mood. Her smile would never leave her face. Every time i saw her she would always have a smile on her face. She would always be having the time of her life. It is such a shame that she had to leave us so early. Soccer was never the same without Sarah. She was such an amazing girl. I remember at soccer when we always had to run our laps, we would always joke around and laugh non-stop! I actually remember her saying ” Don’t worry about those other people just be yourself “. I’m pretty sure Sarah taught everyone a lesson in life and that is to live your life to the fullest, cause that is definitely what Sarah did! She was such a wonderful person! Rest In Peace Sarah! We all love you! <3
~ Former Soccer Teammate
I remember when i first met Sarah through Milford cheer leading. She was always so outgoing and always had such a good time. I’m so glad everyone put this memorial together, I think its such a great idea and she would love it. Sarah lived her life better than anyone that I know, and I will always remember her for it.
~ Kelly
Just thinking about you and your beautiful smile. Miss you!
~ Angela Fuentes
I met Sarah when she walked into my 6th grade gifted Social Studies class in the fall of 2005. How blessed I was to have known her, though it was for a short period of time. She was such a bubbly personality, and a beautiful, intelligent young girl. Sarah left footprints on so many hearts, including mine. I’m so glad that this site has been created as a tribute to her!
~ Mrs. Lindinger (Miss Schellinger)
Hey pretty girl…I think of you often, but especially today. You are dearly missed and our hearts will never truly heal. We love you always.
~ Angela Nixon
Although I wasn’t a good friend of Sarah’s I have heard many great stories of her, How good of a friend she was, And how good of a sister she was… Just lately i have lost a great family members, and I learned not to be sad about what you had but be happy about what you had.
~ Unknown
Um hi, I didn’t know Sarah but she seemed like an amazing person.This weekend I went to the tournament. When they unveiled the painting of her it made me think that “WOW she is really pretty. I to had just lost someone close to me do to cancer. My grandfather I cried my eyes out when he went in the ground. I wish my best wishes to her friends family and especially mother I its hard to lose someone that u gave birth to. And as we said in our cheer before each game “Go Go Go Sarah!!!”<3
~ Damaris
I will always look up to Sarah and try to win every game just for her and my team.Sarah is someone to look up to.
~ Christina
i hardly new Sarah…actually i didn’t know her at all but 4 cancer to take a little 12 year old beautiful girls life is insane all my love goes to her and her family! I’m so very sorry Sarah n Sarah’s family! I’m sure she had a wonderful life n Sarah’s family gave that 2 her! i cant believe this happened….1 day i believe we will find a cure and Sarah will be happy! I’m so sorry I’m crying and i didn’t know her but shes in a good place and she will always remember you guys! I’m deeply sorry for your loss! love and treasure what you have…for they will be lost and become “had” someday!
~ *with love Taylor <333333*
I cry and sing every time I hear Sarah’s “theme song” (unwritten) god bless Sarah and her family!
~ Taylor

Just thinking of you today. Love and miss you.
~ Angela Nixon