The mission of the Sarah Parvin Foundation is to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families in the spirit that Sarah lived through events that are mostly created by and for children. We strive to empower children of all ages to use their innate strength and courage to make their own unique impact on their lives, the lives of others, and their own community. It is our passion to provide these families with support and encouragement throughout their journey.

Our family message, that we strive to live by and try to remember during all of our events is that Sarah lived what life she had with incredible gusto. Her life lost was a loss for all of us. For some unknown reason, Sarah knew life was precious and lived her life that way. If she were here today, she would give these words of wisdom: “Dance as if no one is watching, laugh until you pee your pants, don’t be afraid to look silly, live your life with arms wide open, don’t take yourself too seriously, never walk when you can dance, make a difference, each new day is a gift, and consider yourself lucky!” In Sarah’s own words that she said before she passed away, “Don’t cry for me. I’m not unfortunate, I’m lucky.”

Additionally, our two events are sport and game oriented, that do not discriminate anyone. Because of this, we created our equality statement that explains that we don’t define what empowering children means. We believe that it is not defined by age, race, sex, or demographic, but it is something that comes within each and every child differently. We will do everything within our power and means to help anyone who comes to us who needs or wants to get involved to help and formulate an event to raise money for our common cause to try to end Ovarian Cancer.

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